The Rock flies his personal gym to a movie set in Hawaii!

posted by Mark Robertson - 

Some people travel light with one good travel bag. The Rock is not one of those people. When he goes to shoot a film, he brings the “Iron Paradise.” That’s 50,000 pounds of what he calls “traveling iron, sweat, gratitude and cuss words.” Recently, The Rock brought 40,000 pounds of equipment to Vancouver for a shoot. Now, he’s flown the upgraded Iron Paradise to Hawaii to shoot back-to-back blockbusters in the jungle.  The Rock mentions he’s going on an eight-month fitness regimen that will involve going lean for Jungle Cruise and then returning to his jacked self for the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw.

Welcome my friends to jungle and mud, guts and blood - the #IronParadise aka the traveling circus. Hard core 8 month commitment to diet, training and body transformation for our period piece, Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE to our Fast & Furious spinoff, HOBBS & SHAW. We start shooting this Monday all the way to Christmas. Feels great to be back home in the Hawaiian Islands.. the perfect place to kick off this special journey. All in 🤙🏾

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