Deadpool gets Celine Dion. Teen Titans brag about getting Michael Bolton!

After the movie Deadpool 2 made a splash by unveiling a new soundtrack song recorded by Celine Dion, another superhero-themed summer movie is upping the ante.

The upcoming animated film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies tweeted, “We see your Celine Dion and raise you a Michael Bolton!”

In the tweet was a video of the movie’s characters – younger versions of DC Comics superheroes --  and Michael Bolton, belting out a tune that appears to be called “Upbeat Inspirational Song.”

Actor Khary Payton, who voices the character of Cyborg, tweeted his excitement at being on the same track as the legendary crooner, writing, “When you realize a dream you never knew you had: Singing with MICHAEL FREAKIN’ BOLTON!!”

The movie, with a voice cast that includes Kristen Bell, Will Arnett, Nicolas Cage, Jimmy Kimmel and Halsey, arrives in theaters July 27th.

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