Though it is a superhero movie, Deadpool and its sequel are full of meta-jokes that make fun of other superhero movies. The first movie even had a post-credits scene specifically designed to make fun of post-credits scenes. It riffed on the post-credits scene of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, in which Ferris (Matthew Broderick) comes out of the bathroom in a robe, to find the audience still watching him, and tells them to go home.

… So is there another funny potential teaser at the end of Deadpool 2? Without spoiling too much, we can tell you that yes, there’s something to stay for when the Deadpool 2 credits role. In fact, it’s not a post-credits scene, but a mid-credits scene. You’ll want to stick around at least until after the portion of the credits that includes a number of hand-drawn Deadpool characters to see everything the movie has to offer.

… The mid-credits scene for Deadpool 2 is part plot point, part massive joke about star Ryan Reynolds.



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