ACE: Missing dog in Ridgeland/Okatie SC area

"My dog got out of the house late in the afternoon on ( may 20th ) everyone tried to catch him for hours but ended up loosing track of him. As seen in the photo, he has brown eyes and he's black and white. He was just microchiped and should be around the Okatie area. He's not aggressive at all and he's probably extremely dirty and wet from running in the woods. If you see him or if you do come in contact with him, do not chase after him especially if its near a busy road. Just call his name which is Ace and if you have food or another animal around he should come right to you. Please contact with me if you see him 8437833657 PLEASE I'm offering a reward PLEASE SHARE !!!!"

 Last location was on Schinger Ave. Ridgeland SC


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