Check out Miley Cyrus' prank of Jimmy Kimmel was he was fast asleep

Miley Cyrus pulled an epic prank on Jimmy Kimmel. The 25-year-old singer snuck into the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host’s home and woke him up while he was sleeping.

“I’m coming in like a wrecking ball just for you, Jimmy,” she says quietly before yelling, “Wakey wakey, guess who it is, Jimmy? Good morning!”

Miley, wearing a safety vest and a hard hat, then sang along to her song “Wrecking Ball” while pounding on Jimmy and his bed with a sledgehammer.

Jimmy has been the victim of this prank several times now. A few years ago, for April Fool’s Day, Rihanna enlisted Jimmy’s wife Molly to help her sneak into his house for the same prank. A year later, Britney Spears pulled the same stunt.

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