Starbucks New Policy: No Purchase Required!

Starbucks on Monday (May 21st) clarified its newly-announced policy that no purchase is needed to sit in one of its outlets or use the bathrooms, a decision that had previously been left up to individual store managers and employees. After the new policy was revealed over the weekend, people had expressed concerns about things like homeless people camping out in Starbucks or drug users congregating there. A spokesman said yesterday, "The key piece here is that we are asking customers that when using a Starbucks space, we respectfully request they behave in a manner that maintains a warm and welcoming environment by using spaces as intended, being considerate of others, communicating with respect [and] acting responsibly." Further, CBS News said a Starbucks procedure manual gives instructions on what to do in cases of disruptive behavior that isn't allowed, which includes smoking, drug or alcohol use, improper use of bathrooms, and sleeping. 



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