WATCH: It's hard to make Ellen DeGeneres Cry...But Ashton Kutcher Succeeded

You may know that Ellen DeGeners has started a Wildlife Fund to save endangered gorillas in the wilds of Africa. As a fellow animal lover this was something personal she wanted to do but she never asked anyone for any help. 

But Ellen got a wonderful surprise on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show when Ashton Kutcher stopped by unannounced to tell her that he and tech company Ripple were gifting the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund with $4 million in her name. Her wife Portia de Rossi established the fund in February to mark DeGeneres’ 60th birthday. “That was the most amazing thing,” DeGeneres told Kutcher and his business partner, Guy Oseary, clearly overcome with gratitude. “Thank you. I love you both so much, you know that.”



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