"The Fourth Estate" begins tonight and should be must-see TV

I just finished watching THE FOURTH ESTATE, the new documentary into journalism and more specifically a behind the scenes look at The (failing) New York Times over the course of one year following the election of Donald Trump.

This should be required viewing by any journalism student, anyone who watches any cable news channel, anyone who reads a newspaper, or wants to see what happens before the print hits the paper (or social media).

It's really mesmerizing like watching "All The President's Men" was but this is real life drama, not a theaterical film and the stars are only the names of the reporters charged with reporting the facts. Like Maggie Haberman who sits at her desk when the President calls her to give her first crack at a story he wants to get out. The story is not just how they write what they do but also how their passion to tell the American public the latest facts impact their own personal lives--from how their kids have to adapt their lives to their single father's work hours to the promise a reporter made to her children that when she took this job she would have more time with then. But that's not true. There's texting while driving, disdain for The Times by conservatives AND liberals, and the impact Google and Facebook have had on tbem. 

If you see a film like this as propaganda, and dismiss it, you do yourself a disservice. I think after watching that it's quite frankly Emmy or Oscar material. 

It is a four episode series starting tonight at 8 on Showtime and every Sunday for the next three weeks. 

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