Longtime friends make good on pact to marry at 50 if still single!

Two former high school sweethearts stuck to their pact to marry each other if they weren't hitched at 50 years old. Kimberley Dean and Ron Palmer met as students at Saint Agnes School in Minnesota, but they broke up after their senior year because Palmer wanted to see other women when he left for college. However, the pair remained friends over the years, through subsequent marriages and divorces. Eventually, they jokingly made a pact to marry each other if they were both single when they were 50. The two figured it was just a light-hearted joke that would never come true. But in 2016 Dean brought it up again, 37 years after they first dated. On New Year’s Eve 2017, Palmer proposed, and the couple married last week on June 1st, completing the promise they made to each other so long ago. 



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