IHOP no more: I just found out what the "b" in "IHOB" stands for!

On Wednesday, breakfast restaurant chain IHOP announced that it was changing its name to IHOb— sparking a lot of debate, and some very funny jokes, about what the 'b' could possibly stand for.

Initially I thought, as did many of you, it was International House of Breakfast. Some on Facebook told me "No, it's bacon."

Apparently neither is right. A friend of mine in San Francisco texted me excitedly today. He was in an IHOP today and there by the register is the new logo and name, even though the company said it would not be revealed until Monday. 

The sign by the cash register, with the same "IHOb" logo that the chain shared on social media during the week, followed by the words "Burgers Burgers Burgers." It was pretty unambiguous.

Mystery solved!

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