Georgia woman steals family's car...with the dog still inside.

A woman was taken into custody by police after they say she stole a Georgia man's car and his beloved dog. Matt Sanders had just finished loading up his car to go visit his dad on Father's Day when he realized he forgot his phone. He ran inside to grab it and when he came back out he was shocked to see a woman, who was wearing only a towel, sitting in the driver's seat of his 2012 silver Hyundai.

“She’s in a towel, and I’m just like… 'What?'” Sanders told Fox 5 Atlanta. "Then it hits me that someone is trying to steal my dog and my car.”

He pleaded with the woman to let his dog free, but she just sped away.

"I said take the car, I just want my dog," Sanders said. “Then she steps on the gas. And you see the tire marks. She starts spinning around here. The car's around and off down the road.”

Sanders said that he considers the dog like his child.

“That dog goes everywhere with me,” Sanders told the station. "It’s just my child.” 

Sanders said that without his dog Bear, his "life isn't complete" and that the dognapping left him "torn up."

"That’s a person that I’ve spent my life with, and I want them back,” he told Fox 5 Atlanta. “My life isn’t complete right now. I’m torn up… torn up."

Police managed to track down the towel-wearing dognapper and car thief Sunday night. They found the car in a parking lot at nearby Best Western. The woman was taken into custody but authorities did not say whether she had found some clothes by the time they arrested her. 

Sanders was reunited with his beloved dog Bear, who was unharmed in the car theft. 

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