His groceries are stolen after a diabetic incident-this cop shops for him!

A Houston man who had just purchased groceries at a Walmart was heading out of the store when he suffered a diabetic episode. But while the ambulance had arrived to treat him, someone came up and quickly stole his groceries. The man felt better once the EMTs gave him a cup of orange juice, but he realized his food was gone. So he went back into the Walmart to shop again. An off-duty Houston police officer was patrolling the store as a security guard when she noticed the young man and recognized him from when he was shopping earlier. She asked him what had happened and why his arm was bandaged. He told her about his diabetes and that someone had stolen all of his groceries while he was blacked out — but he didn’t have a lot of money left as he was living on a fixed income. That’s when she decided to buy his groceries for him.



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