South Carolina makes the top 5 of the most dangerous roads in America

Motor vehicle crash death rates in each state have been analyzed (by 24/7 Wall St. to identify the states with the most dangerous roads. The states with the highest roadway fatality rates are concentrated in the South, while the states with the safest roads are mostly in the Northeast and Midwest.

5. Wyoming (fifth worst, and so on…)Road deaths per 100,000: 19.1 Seat belt use: 81%

4. New Mexico Road deaths per 100,000: 19.3 Seat belt use: 92%

3. South Carolina Road deaths per 100,000: 20.5 Seat belt use: 94%

2. Alabama Road deaths per 100,000: 21.3 Seat belt use: 92%

1. Mississippi Road deaths per 100,000: 23.1 Seat belt use: 78%

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