It looks like a cat. It's a "puss caterpillar" and it has a mean bite

 Fifteen-year-old Logan Pergola was volunteering with his Florida family last Saturday doing some landscaping (in Zephyrhills). As they were clearing trees and brush, something stung him, leaving a large grid-like mark on his wrist. An angry rash began creeping up his arm. Then, it spread to his chest. His mother got him to a sink and washed the original point of contact on his wrist. She even tried an herbal remedy and put garlic on the wound. But, Logan wasn’t getting better. He grew pale and the pain got worse.

… Logan’s father saw a caterpillar, put on gloves and picked it up. He put it in a baggie and the family began doing some quick research. Within minutes, the mom figured out what it was. The insect her son had come into contact with appeared to be what’s commonly referred to as a puss caterpillar or asp caterpillar, often found near oak trees.

… This particular caterpillar has poisonous hair and venomous glands. Mom and dad got Logan to the emergency room. Docs began to administer medications through an IV, including a high dose of Benadryl, prednisone and anti-nausea meds. Logan was in and out and after about three hours he finally opened his eyes and began talking.



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