Meet Nookie, the dog who saved a deaf hiker in Alaska

 A husky is being credited with helping rescue a hiker who injured herself in Alaska. According to an Alaska State Trooper, a helicopter was dispatched after the agency received a report that an emergency locator beacon had been activated. When rescuers arrived, They saw a sleeping bag alongside a river accompanied by a white dog. Inside the sleeping bag was 21-year-old Amelia Milling, who troopers say was wet, dazed and scraped up. The hearing-impaired woman then recounted her harrowing tale to troopers by writing in a notebook. Milling told them that, after sustaining injuries a day earlier, she had fallen while trying to cross the river. That was when Nanook the husky sprang into action, helping pull her from the glacier-fed river. Nanook was able to save her and get her back to shore.

… Nanook belongs to a guy named Scott Swift, who said his dog frequently embarks on treks where he’ll accompany hikers. Swift said Nanook — whom he adopted about six years ago — has no search-and-rescue training. He says the dog just “does it on his own.”


The view from the Alaska State Trooper's helicopter. See the red where she and the dog were found:



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