Dyslexic teen helps a blind and deaf man on a plane

 A California teen stepped forward to help a blind, deaf man when no one else could. Clara Daly was on her way back to California from Boston. Not long after the flight took off, one of the flight attendants asked if anyone aboard knew sign language, because they had a blind, deaf passenger on board and none of the staff knew how to communicate with him — which required signing into his hand. As it turned out, Clara had been studying American Sign Language for about a year to help with her dyslexia.

… Clara jumped at the opportunity and was taken to the passenger — an older gentleman named Timothy — and began communicating with him. Clara was able to help him several times throughout the flight, such as asking for water and letting him know how much time was left until the plane landed. Toward the end of the flight, Timothy asked for Clara again, but this time he just wanted someone to talk to.


The story, on her own words:



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