Late night hosts collude about how to respond to Trump's attack

One day after Donald Trump slammed three late-night hosts in one rally speech, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien joined forces and imagined how to reply to the slight on Tuesday on The Late Show. Trump’s comments followed a brief spat with Fallon on Sunday and Monday, in which the president attacked the NBC host for expressing regret for a Tonight Show episode in which he’d tussled Trump’s hair. Trump continued his verbal assault on late-night at a South Carolina rally on Monday, where he took shots at Fallon, as well as Colbert and ABC’s Live! host Jimmy Kimmel. 

… In his cold open to The Late Show on Tuesday, Colbert videochatted with Fallon and discussed the insults. He then called O’Brien, who appeared onscreen in shaving cream and appeared not to know Trump is president. He warned the hosts to “be civil, in case this could get ugly.”



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