Resident threatens neighbors if they shoot fireworks after 9pm July 4

 Residents in a Michigan community are upset after receiving a lengthy letter from a neighbor threatening to make their “lives miserable for days and months to come” if fireworks are used after 9 PM at any point during the week of the Fourth of July. According to a post on the Chesterfield Michigan Facebook page, neighbors in the Eagle’s Nest subdivision received the anonymous letter. The letter calls out one house in particular on Dove Lane, adding that last year there were very “loud and obnoxious” amounts of fireworks being blown off in the area of that home. The letter mentions that it could have been the surrounding homes, but that the exact location of the firework activity mattered little because everyone on the block would be punished. The letter states, in part: “I don’t care who had the party or lights the fireworks this year, I will make your and your neighbors’ lives miserable for days and months to come.” 

Here is the letter

Here is a Facebook comment from one of the residents 

Attention people of Chesterfield, MI. A few people in the Eagle's Nest subdivision have received a very INCRIMINATING letter by a resident apparently living off Dove Lane. They claim that if fireworks don't cease to stop at 9pm, for everyone in the entire sub, they will "make our lives miserable" and that "no one will know when it will happen" and "nothing is off limits". The idiot put a return address on the letters, but they could've put anyone's address on there. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to go door-to-door asking people if they've received the letter as well. There were 4 people today that have notified the police, but with nothing to go off of, this coward is getting away with this. Please share this with anyone you know living in the "Eagle's Nest" subdivision off of Cotton Road and Gratiot. What the person sent out is nothing to shrug off, these are legitimate threats from a coward hiding behind anonymity. If anyone wishes to be involved, maybe we can pin this person down by seeing who HASN'T received the letter. 

 And to you, the letter writer, if you see this, you won't stop anyone from enjoying the one day out of the year dedicated to our country's freedom. You are a low life and you will be found.

 PLEASE SPREAD THIS TO PEOPLE IN THE CHESTERFIELD AREA, don't let this idiot get away with threatening an entire neighborhood.



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