Chatham County Sheriff posts their own Lip Sync Challenge!

With so many law enforcement officers around the country taking part--and challenging others--in creating their own "Lip Sync Challenge," our own Chatham County Sheriff's Office joins the fray and has some fun with these two officers (three, if you include the K9 in the car!)                                                                                        

Corporal Javier Valdes and Private Nicole Meyer sang along to "Meant to Be" by Bebe Rexha (feat. Florida Georgia Line) with a special K9 appearance.

The challenge, which started in Texas, is all in good fun but also humanizes law enforcement officers.

The performance from CCSO was pretty impressive, but now they've challenged the Effingham County Sheriff's Office to step up to the mic!!!

Clearly if and when they leave the department they may have a future in music!

Simon Cowell might want to hear them on #AGT



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