Restaurant Shames Family For Child Taking Waitress’ Tip

A family of four visited Our Place Restaurant in Mansfield, Texas, for breakfast. As the hostess seated the couple with their children, the waitress spotted a tip on their table left by the previous customers. The waitress didn’t want to bother them, so she let them take their seats and get settled before coming back for the cash. But when the waitress returned to the table to retrieve the tip and greet her new customers, the money was gone. Later that day, the waitress and the owner of Our Place Restaurant scrolled through the surveillance tapes and discovered what had happened. The footage showed one of the children picking up the $5 tip meant for the server and showing it to her parents before slipping it under her menu. Meanwhile, her parents seemed to notice her sneaky plan but did nothing to stop her.

… The restaurant’s owner decided to serve up some justice without getting the cops involved. He posted the surveillance footage to Facebook and “outed” the family, hoping they would return to right the wrong.

… Within hours of posting the video to Facebook, the owner says the girl’s mother was back with the money. He said, “Our rule is if you make it right, we delete our post off Facebook.” The restaurant has called out customers before, who’ve left without paying.



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