Did you see this on America's Got Talent? Stunt goes horribly wrong.

America’s Got Talent took a terrible turn Tuesday night when a trapeze trick went awry as cameras rolled. Husband-and-wife duo Mary and (legally blind!) Tyce performed gravity-defying stunts above a flaming stage. In the final stunt, Tyce blindfolded himself and hung upside down, but when Mary fell to be caught, she slipped through his fingers and hit the stage. Audience (including her mother and toddler son) and judges screamed as they feared the worst. Despite appearances to the contrary, she emerged without serious injuries. Judges Simon Cowell and Mel B refused to let them attempt their stunt again. Heidi Klum informed them that despite the slip-up, they’d move forward to the next round. AGT airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.



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