A toy story. And a Publix manager to the rescue!

 Grocery store workers searched through a landfill to find a three-year-old girl's favorite toy, a stuffed animal named Bunny. After shopping at a Publix grocery store in Daphne, Alabama, Jenna Rachal and her daughter Madison realized the stuffed animal was missing. Madison was heartbroken, so they went back to the store the next day to ask if anyone had found it. When they came up empty, Rachal turned to social media for help, and her post was seen by the Publix manager, Mike Gayheart. He checked security footage and saw that Bunny had been left in the shopping cart and was thrown into the trash. Gayheart recruited three store employees to go with him to the landfill to go through the garbage looking for Bunny, and they managed to find the stuffed animal. Gayheart washed it three times and brought it to Madison, surprising both the little girl and her grateful mother, who thanked the Publix workers on Facebook



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