Alleged animal abuse being investigated by Chatham County Animal Services


His court date is August 6 @ 10:00 at the Chatham County Recorders court.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was sent via Facebook a disturbing video of a man mishandling his dog as he dragged the dog across the lawn by his paw. I shared the post in various places on Facebook as well as on my blog and on the River Facebook page and my personal page. I also shared it with Shelter Manager Jodi Lewis and County Public Information Officer Catherine Glasby.

The number of angry Facebook comments was massive. Here is an update from the county. Animal Control officers were at the home today at 10am.

Animal Services was made aware of a video that had gone viral on Facebook today. Officers from Animal Services and the Chatham County Police Department responded to the home and removed 2 dogs from the house.

The dogs are now in the custody of Animal Services while an investigation is completed. The dogs’ overall condition are good.

While no further details can be release on this investigation, Animal Services Director Dr. Jake Harper would like to remind residents that suspected animal abuse should be reported to Animal Services for investigation. They can be reached at (912) 652-6575.

To see the original post and video, click HERE


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