Paul McCartney back at Abbey Road to record a private concert

Paul McCartney rocked the Beatles' legendary musical headquarters, London's Abbey Road Studio - Number Two yesterday (July 23rd) for a private concert filmed for future release. The Internet was abuzz all day with footage -- some shot by daughter Mary -- of  the former Beatle crossing the famed "zebra" crosswalk immortalized by the "Fab Four" on the cover to their final album, 1969's Abbey Road.

Beatlefan magazine reported "(McCartney) arrived just before 11 a.m. London time, posed briefly on the 'zebra' crossing and went straight into the studio, Those in attendance included Kyle Minogue, Orlando Bloom, and Johnny Depp. He left at around 5 p.m."

McCartney performed a scaled back version of his recent tour's setlist -- including four new songs from the upcoming Egypt Station collection due out on September 7th -- "Come On To Me," "Confidante," "Who Cares," and "Fuh You."

Here is the video of him crossing that famous street, still eliciting screams and cheers when fans recognize him:


He also took time to answer a few fan questions submitted online:



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