**UPDATED**Man sees this dog tossed out of a moving car

After seeing a dog tossed out of a car this man and his wife recovered the dog and took her to the vet but as it turns out this was the result of an accident according to Myurtle Beach Police!


Brett saw someone throw this dog out of a moving car in the Myrtle Beach area. He wrote:

Friends, we saw a despicable act occur outside of our office.  Seriously, what type of person throws a puppy out of a MOVING vehicle going 50 MPH?!

 This occurred around 12:30 PM near the intersection of Robert Grissom and 38th Ave North in Myrtle Beach, SC. The vehicle was a red SUV.

 The puppy now has a broken leg and severe road rash. We are taking the puppy to ARK ANIMAL HOSPITAL for medical assistance.

 Please LIKE And SHARE so we can find out who did this!! Myrtle Beach Police Department

In his latest update he says;

The puppy is in good care. Ark Animal Hospital is taking care of the little unnamed pup. However, her injuries are significant, so we have started a gofundme page for her. 

 You can also donate directly to Ark Animal Hospital in Surfside Beach, SC. For now, they are calling her “Good Sam.” PLEASE consider donating to care for this innocent puppy.

Jeanie Bombolis, a vet tech at the animal hospital, said the 1-year-old dog has a fractured leg and cuts on her body. 

“It has a right femoral fracture and numerous abrasions,” Bombolis said. “It is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and walking on three legs. It’s nice and bright, alert and responsive.

“The conditions are stable at his point and when they become stable enough, there is a possibility of a specialist taking care of that fracture repair, but that is yet to be determined.”

If you know anyone in that area please share...and if you want to help GO TO HIS GOFUNDME  PAGE:




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