Dog left to drown in cage at the Jersey Shore is rescued by dog walker


A 1-year-old male pit bull was put in a cage and placed on the edge of a beach in Highlands, New Jersey, in a spot where the slowly rising tide would eventually drown the canine.

Thankfully, before the water rose too high, the dog was spotted by a dog walker. By the time he found the canine, the water was already lapping around the cage and the frightened pooch. The Good Samaritan climbed over a wall to reach the dog, whose cage was resting on the sand between a bulkhead and the water, and brought it to safety.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating the incident and is looking for any information that can lead them to the individual who dumped this innocent animal.

The dog has been named RIVER :) 

Jennifer Vaz, who found the dog, says as soon as the all-clear is given, she plans to adopt River!


Jennifer Vaz was on her routine morning walk with her 4-year-old boxer Molly along Sandy Hook Bay in Highlands on Monday when they came across something that would've stunned just about anyone.Down by the rocks along the waterside, she discovered a 1 year old whimpering pit bull, locked in a wired cage.“When I looked down I saw these eyes looking back at me, like these little cute puppy eyes, scared in the crate and locked up,” she told PIX11, recalling the scene at Veterans Memorial Park.Without skipping a beat Vaz jumped over the railing and helped the pup.“When I opened the crate, Molly actually went in and gave him a little kiss to show you know you can trust us.”According to authorities, if it weren’t for the Good Samaritan stumbling upon the dog, the cage would’ve been completely submerged in less than an hour.Officials suspect the dog was dumped between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.“I can’t believe this happened in our town,” Vaz said. “That someone could be so malicious.”The dog, now named River, is said to be in good condition and is being treated at the Monmouth County SPCA.The County Prosecutor’s office is now investigating the incident that left residents like Patricia Moskawin disbelief.“I couldn’t sleep last night,” she said. “I don’t think anyone could. I reposted it (on Facebook) and some people told me they couldn’t even open it.”As the investigation continues, Vaz tells PIX11, if and when she gets the all clear from the SPCA, she plans to adopt River, shielding him from any further heartbreak.Anyone who may have witnessed anything or have details about the dog’s owners is urged to call the Highlands Police Department or the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Officer.


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