Disney coming to Savannah to film a new movie (casting call coming)

The City of Savannah’s Office of Special Events, Film and Tourism announced today they are working with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures on a movie that will be filming in Savannah later this summer.

The movie project is called Goodbye Stranger. Filming is anticipated to begin September 10 and conclude in December. Goodbye Stranger is being filmed entirely in Savannah. The outdoor, public locations that will be impacted during filming include Johnson Square, Factors Walk near Wet Willies and Wright Square.

Initial reports are the name of the film will be changed after it's revealed this is a live action version of "LADY & THE TRAMP"

The film’s producers told Council the movie is a love story, set in the 1910 era. Diane Sabatini, Executive Producer with Collar Free Productions, said they selected Savannah because of its historic architecture and beautiful squares and trees and because it looks like it was, ‘sprinkled with magic’.

Goodbye Stanger is expected to bring a $20 million stimulus to the local economy. Collar Free Productions plans to hire local employees, utilize local small businesses, and donate unused materials to community non-profits.

Office of Special Events, Film and Tourism director Susan Broker said, “The fact that the production company elected to film entirely in Savannah is a real testament to our locations, local crew and the filming community. Projects like these certainly stimulate the economy; but beyond that, they put people to work and Savannah on the map.”

The City has been notifying residents, businesses and places of worship that could be impacted by the film project. Businesses and residents affected by filming will receive an initial notification one month in advance. Follow-up notifications will be sent out two weeks and 48 hours prior to filming. Anyone who has questions or concerns can contact the City’s Office of Special Events, Film and Tourism at (912) 351-3837.

The City has been working closely with the Savannah Economic Development Authority’s Savannah Area Film Office to bring this project to Savannah. A casting call is set for August 11:

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