7 "Gilligan's Island" abandoned pups found living on an uninhabited island

So the question I keep getting: how did 7 pups end up on an uninhabited island? And where is their mama? So I posed that question to Norway House Animal Rescue which cares for animals in the remote northern parts of Canada and they wrote:  

Mark... we cannot comment on the mother yet because we have a investigation that we are pursuing which is part two of their story. All I can say is that we do know who the mother is and part 2 of the story is going to be just as staggering as part 1!


A castaway tail! Seven abandoned puppies named after 'Gilligan's Island crew' are rescued from remote island and brought back to shore The seven dogs were found on an uninhabited island in Cross Lake, ManitobaTwo men heard the crying on the island and went to investigate the next day The dogs have since been rescued and are on their way to a Winnipeg shelterRescuers named the dogs after the seven castaways on TV's Gilligan's Island Animal rescuers in Canada have recovered seven abandoned puppies from an uninhabited island and will be naming the dogs after the main characters from the hit TV series, Gilligan's Island. The castaway litter of puppies, believed to be four months old, were reported to Manitoba, Canada's Norway House Animal Rescue on July 30, after being spotted on an island by a boater named Junior Cook and his friend, CBC reported. Norway House director Deb Vandekerkhove said that Cook heard crying coming from the island, in Cross Lake, Manitoba, the previous night, and thought it was wolves crying. Seven abandoned puppies, thought to be four months old, were spotted by boaters on MondayRescuers returned to the island in Manitoba, Canada, on Wednesday to pick up the dogsThe puppies were said to have been 'terrified' of humans at first, but after being fed, they quickly grew accustomed to having people around themThe dogs were picked up and are on their way to a Winnipeg, Manitoba, shelterThey are expected to be put up for adoption after they've had appropriate medical careThe next day, Cook and a friend motored out to the island and discovered the seven puppies. He then gave the hungry pups the food he had in his boat and contacted the animal rescue organization.Cook and his friend then returned to the island with additional supplies Wednesday and were able to rescue the dogs then. The dogs were said to have been 'terrified' of people at first, but quickly acclimated to the presence of humans on the island with them.  While the rescue was being planned, Vanderkerkhove said that the dogs would be named for the characters on Gilligan's Island: Gilligan, Skipper, Thurston Howell III, Wentworth Howell, Ginger, the Professor and Mary Ann. The hit 1960's TV series is about a boat party of seven that was shipwrecked on a deserted island.The dogs were seen running around the island shore as rescuers arrived by boat WednesdayThe puppies eagerly awaited their rescuers as they approached the shoreRescuers brought food and other supplies to the islandIt's unclear how the puppies wound up on the island, but they did have this dog houseThe puppy rescuers sat with the dogs and fed them before removing them from the islandThe seven puppies are being named for Gilligan's Island charactersThe dogs are pictured at a home after they were rescued from the islandThe fluffy puppies were treated to a thorough bath after they were rescuedRescuers are likely to name this pooch Mary Ann


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