Police officer jumps off overpass to save boy's life

In White Plains, New York a police officer by the name of Jessie Ferreira Cavallo is a hero for saving the life of a young boy. Ferreira Cavallo was on her way into work like any other day. While commuting the officer was shocked to witness a boy who appeared to be climbing over the top of a steel guardrail. The boy leapt from an overpass, falling several feet and landing on the concrete street below. Ferreira Cavallo parked her car and put as much first aid equipment into her pockets as she could fit. She jumped down after the boy. Another woman, reportedly wearing a military uniform, also stopped to assist the police officer. Ferreira Cavallo said the severely-injured boy was completely unresponsive and she did what she could to keep him alive. She applied a splint and neck brace and also checked to ensure the teen’s airway was clear.

More here: https://www.wmur.com/article/off-duty-police-officer-saves-boy-who-jumped-off-overpass/22658565 



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