Business is booming for a business begun by a Down Syndrome Man

 Starting your own business is a risky endeavor, but a father and son from Long Island, New York, have successfully built a family company around socks. Mark Cronin and his son John are the founders of John’s Crazy Socks, which do more than keep feet warm: they make an impact within the disability community. John Cronin is a 22-year-old man with Down syndrome. In the fall of 2016, he was getting ready to graduate high school and the inevitable question that follows all students arose: What’s next? His loving father Mark asked John what it was he wanted to do, and in response, John said that he wanted to go into business with his dad. At the time, Mark was developing some small online businesses on his own.

… Together, the two debated several business ventures, at first toying with the idea of opening their own food truck. After realizing that this idea would probably not work because neither John nor Mark actually knew how to cook, they scrapped the plan and opted for something that was closer to their hearts: crazy socks. Since he was a kid, John loved collecting what he called crazy socks: socks with crazy patterns and colors, socks with funky sayings on them, socks that were different. That’s where the idea came from. Now, just two years after their start in late 2016, business is booming for John’s Crazy Socks. The company has had over 115,000 orders and has raised over $135,000 for charity.



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