She is pushed off a bridge and survived with broken ribs and punctured lung

What is wrong with people?

 A Washington state teen named Jordan Holgerson was hanging at a local swimming hole where she was mulling the idea of jumping off a 60-foot bridge into the Lewis River. But once she got out on the ledge and realized how extremely high 60 feet actually is, she realized that maybe she didn’t feel like jumping after all. Unfortunately, one of her so-called “friends” had a different idea. Instead of doing the normal thing like respecting Holgerson’s choice or offering a hand to help her back over the guardrail, her “friend” decided to take matters into her own hands by shoving Holgerson off the bridge and sending her plummeting into the water below.  In video of the incident, Holgerson repeatedly says, “no, I won’t go,” before an unknown woman plants her hands on Holgerson’s back and shoves her. The fall broke Holgerson’s ribs and gave her a punctured lung. The local sheriff’s office has opened an investigation.

Here is the raw video:

Here she is after being released from the hospital:

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