He was TASERED after filling a water cup with soda at a restaurant.

A Montana man who was accused of filling his water cup with soda at a fast food restaurant has been arrested and charged with multiple misdemeanors and a felony. Missoula Police were called to the scene on Thursday around 2:30 PM after Daniel Stine started a fight with a restaurant employee. The 48-year-old had allegedly tried to fill a water cup with soda and was confronted by the employee who told him he would have to pay for the soft drink. When confronted by the employee Stine refused and left. The employee followed him, told him that he was not welcome back. Stine allegedly turned and came back towards the employee and tried to kick him before walking away again.” Stine had fled the restaurant when police arrived, but officers spotted him entering another restaurant nearby and followed him into the restroom where he had gone to hide. According to police officers, once authorities found Stine in the bathroom the man began to resist arrest and officers shocked him with a stun gun.


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