Rod Stewart toys with the idea of retiring from music

With his critically acclaimed summer tour with Cyndi Lauper and the September 28th release his 30th studio album, titled Blood Red RosesRod Stewart would be hard pressed to start thinking about retirement now. During a new chat with The Associated Press, Rod Stewart spoke about his career today, with the 73-year-old rocker asking himself:  "How long can I go on? That's the million-dollar question. I enjoy it. I get excited by it. And as long as that exists, I think I can carry on for another three weeks (laughter). I never, ever take it for granted, I really don't. It's just the best job in the world -- I know that's an old cliche, but it really is. Donald Trump thinks he's got a good job -- I've really got a great job."

Last week at Madison Square Garden:



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