Oreos for Left Handed People. Honest!


Lefties have it tough. If you’re left-handed, normal activities like sitting at a dinner table, holding scissors, or writing without smudging ink become needlessly difficult, because the world wasn’t built for you. (Even Ned Flanders’ attempts at a Leftorium store didn’t work out on The Simpsons.) But Oreo cookies are here for you, since they just announced a new package design for lefties.

Starting August 13, International Left Handers Day, you can get a limited edition box of Oreo cookies designed for lefties. The packaging has a flap on the right side of the pack, rather than the left one, making it easier for southpaws to open.                                                  

If you want your own left-handed Oreos, head to lefthandedoreo.com to fill out a form. The box will cost you $3, which covers the cost of shipping.  They’re available while supplies last. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live in Left Hand, West Virginia, the company will be sending their first batch of leftie cookies to your town. “Each one of your 390 citizens will be getting a pack of Left-Handed Oreo Cookies in the mail soon,” the company wrote in an open letter to the town. 



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