Wheelchair Bound Dog completes her bucket list before she dies

A terminally ill dog that spent her first 10 years in a puppy mill is now getting a chance to complete an impressive bucket list. Victoria, an 11-year-old German Shepherd, was used for breeding and likely gave birth to more than 100 dogs during her decade at the puppy mill. Attacked by another dog when she was young, she lost vision in her left eye, as the wound was never treated. Victoria now suffers from a spinal cord disease known as degenerative myelopathy, which causes progressive paralysis. She relies on a harness attached to a set of wheels to get around. Victoria is getting a chance to tick off her bucket list, thanks to her rescuers at Finding Shelter Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania.

… Founders Grace and Steve Herbert are determined to make the most of Victoria’s final days, as she likely only has six months to a year left. The couple has launched the V for Victoria campaign so she can experience all the fun activities she missed out on earlier in her life. Victoria has already made many happy new memories, including playing with her first toy, taking her first walk on the beach and serving as a police dog for a day. She’s also deejayed at a radio station and even met a local governor.



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