Father Lucky To Be Alive After Diving Off 12 Foot Balcony To Save His Son

An Australian man is fighting for his life after he fractured his skull diving off a 12-foot balcony to save his son. Brad Lewis was playing with his son Oscar when the young boy reached out to retrieve a nerf dart that had become stuck in a tree.

As Oscar was trying to grab the dart, he lost his balance and started to fall off the balcony. Brad didn't hesitate and grabbed Oscar but was unable to pull him up. The two dropped to the ground as Brad hugged Oscar, twisting his own body so he would hit the pavement before his son, cushioning the impact. 

After he landed, Brad was concerned about his son, asking, “Are the kids OK?” 

Brad was in bad shape, suffering a concussion, bruising to his brain, a fractured skull and a fracture of his C6 vertebrae in the fall. 

“Don’t let them see me like this. Don’t let me die, mate," Brad pleaded with his friend who had rushed to his side. 

Brad was airlifted to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgeries that saved his life. Meanwhile, Oscar was checked by medics at the scene and driven to the hospital with a fractured skull, a concussion and bruising to his brain along with other minor injuries. He has since been released and is slowly recovering from his injuries, but is still in shock from the accident. 

Brad has been moved from the intensive care unit and is recovering, which could take at least a year. A family friend set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to cover the medical bills and recoup lost income because Brad's wife had to take time off from work to care for him. 

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