UPDATE!! Got a pot hole the city won't fix? Put a plant in it!


The pavement fell into a sinkhole on Poplar Plains Road in Toronto, Ontario. City workers placed cones around it, but months went by with no repairs in sight. Then someone planted tomatoes in the sinkhole. The neighbors began taking care of the garden, providing tomato cages and water for the plants. The plants grew and began producing tomatoes. The city continued to ignore the hole, until pictures were posted on social media. The publicity got the attention of city officials. One day after the story hit the news, city officials were out repairing the hole. The tomato plants were transferred to a community garden.

Some people get very creative when trying to get the roads fixed in their neighborhood. Residents in a Toronto neighborhood that live near an ever-expanding sinkhole say they've been badgering the city to fill it for months. Since no progress has been made, frustrated residents turned the hole into a tomato garden. The sinkhole is big enough that only one car can pass at a time on the road, and residents say it's now become "sort of like a community garden." The charade has apparently worked as the city's mayor has now promised to fill the hole and move the tomatoes to an actual community garden.



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