Minneapolis company 'fur-ternity leave' lets new pet parents work from home

Nina Hale, a digital marketing company in Minneapolis, just introduced a policy that allows its employees who have just gotten new pets to work from home.

They're calling it "fur-ternity leave."

The policy was inspired by Connor McCarthy, senior accounts manager at Nina Hale. Back in May, he had adopted a Goldendoodle named Bentley, and he wanted to be there for him as the new puppy settled into his new home.

"I reached out to my direct supervisor ... and the lead in our team, and just mentioned that I was getting a puppy," he said. "So I just discussed if there was any way that we could have adjustments to my schedule ... to allow me to at least be with the puppy while still working."

Allison McMenimen is the executive vice president for client services at Nina Hale and McCarthy's team lead. She said that McCarthy's request was quickly approved and that it tipped company leadership off that fur babies were just as important to their employees as human babies.

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