Rod Stewart mocks Bob Dylan onstage in concert

Rod Stewart took time out to mock Bob Dylan -- not only for his heartfelt singing on his recent trio of standards collections, but for his lack of in-concert stage patter. Rod, who's in the midst of a summer shed trek with Cyndi Lauper, was quoted by poking fun of Dylan's recent dips into the "Great American Songbook" on his last few albums -- Shadows In The Night, Fallen Angels, and Triplicate -- admitting, "We all had a good laugh at that one. Me and the band sat around and listened to the one that came out about four years ago. He shouldn't really try that stuff. He should stay where he is."

Stewart went on to bash Dylan's live act, explaining, "He's one of my idols. I was very disappointed when I went to see him in concert though. He doesn't acknowledge the audience. The songs are nowhere near what they're meant to sound like. Van Morrison's another one. He just puts his head down and gets on with it. I got my three daughters tickets to see him. Within two songs, they were on their cell phones. Apparently, he told a joke on stage about six months ago. But he's great, so is Bob."

Some time back, Rod Stewart told us that his Great American Songbook series inspired him most of all:  "I've done rock n' roll, and I still love it, but, I mean, this is a challenge. These songs are not easy to sing, and anybody that's -- any singer that fancies themself, takes them seriously as a singer. . . They're not easy to sing, 'cause they've been sung by some of the greatest singers that have ever lived."



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