Dog who disappeared after fatal crash reunited with owner after 19 days

Samantha Orr lost her mother on August 7 in an auto accident along a mountain road west of Pueblo, Colorado. Their Jeep plunged 600 feet down the side of the mountain. Samantha was airlifted to a hospital. Her one-year-old Goldendoodle, Bentley, had been in the vehicle at the time, but couldn’t be found after the crash.

… Samantha returned to the area after being released from the hospital to look for the pup. While unsure whether or not he’d survived the wreck, she held out hope and strangers stepped up to search for the missing dog.

… Flyers were distributed, and a Facebook group, Bring Bentley Home, was created to share any information on the dog. Nineteen days after being lost in the mountains, Bentley was finally spotted alive near the crash site. It took some patience and a lot of coaxing to get the scared dog to approach his owner, but after convincing him to come into her arms, the two were finally reunited.



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