Forget leasing. Now you can get a car subscription

There's now a new option for people who don't want to buy a car or even have a multi-year lease -- car subscription programs, which charge a monthly fee for the use of a car that comes bundled with insurance and maintenance. Subscribers can regularly trade in for a different vehicle, and the subscriptions can be suspended whenever users want. Because of the trade-in option, subscriptions also appeal to people who like being able to drive all different kinds of vehicles. Car subscriptions are a new idea and the programs are still being developed, but startups like Clutch Technologies in the Atlanta area are already up and running. Carmakers are getting involved too, with Ford getting into car subscriptions through a San Francisco subsidiary called Canvas, which offers subscriptions for used, once-leased vehicles that range from $379 a month up to $1,125 per month, depending on the model. Canvas, which offers subscriptions in San Francisco and Los Angeles, does have a driving limit of 500 miles per month, but subscribers can pay extra for higher limits, and unused miles in any month can be rolled over to the next one



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