Whoopi Goldberg: Aretha Franklin's Dying Wish

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed Aretha Franklin's final wish before passing away last month. Goldberg -- who attended The Queen of Soul's funeral last week, said that Judge Greg Mathisshared something that Aretha told him during their last phone call. Whoopi explained on The View, "One of the things that Aretha was very upset about, according to Judge Mathis, is that she was very upset to discover that people were no longer giving water to the people of Flint, Michigan. And she wanted him to take care of it. Handle it."

She added, “So there was water was being given, now the water has stopped. So whatever we can do to get that going."

Most people did not know that Aretha was helping provide water to the people of her home state without making any noise about it. She just did it privately because she could and she knew it was the right thing to do.

During his speech at Aretha's nine-hour ceremony, Mathis -- a former Detroit District Judge shared how Aretha pushed him to visit Flint to help with th the water crisis. He explained, “Our last conversation and I probably shouldn’t speak on this because the governor was here earlier. But, our last conversation was about the Flint water crisis. Where we know now that the governor’s office ordered that the city of Flint be taken over. They changed the water supply and it poisoned the people.”

In other news, Aretha's family wasn't too happy about the photo of The Queen of Soul in the casket being leaked on social media. One member of the Franklin family, Kafi Franklin, took to Facebook to express her outrage, saying, "I didn’t want to post my opinion about any of this because, over all, the love was overwhelming but when my 12 year old was brought to tears from seeing her Grandmother in a casket all over social media… I feel I must…"

She continued, “I can’t believe that some people are sooo selfish and insensitive., my children lost their grandmother…her sons lost their mom..so many people completely ignored their grief and selfishly used this situation to benefit themselves or to entertain or achieve personal agenda with no regards to the family.”

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