UPDATE! A couple spends gofundme money they raised for a homeless man

UPDATE!  N.J. Couple, Homeless Man in GoFundMe Dispute Reportedly Involved in Scam Together

The New Jersey couple who raised $400,000 in a GoFundMe campaign for a homeless man last year and then got into a dispute with him over the money made up the entire story along with the vagrant in a money-making hoax, NBC's Philadelphia affiliate reported last night (November 14th). The couple, Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure, turned themselves in yesterday, but the homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, is still at large. All three will face conspiracy and theft by deception charges. D'Amico and McClure created a GoFundMe page last November, claiming that Bobbit, a homeless drug addict, used his last $20 to fill up McClure's empty gas tank after her car broke down on a highway near Philadelphia. The story went viral and the campaign ultimately raised more than $400,000. But the scam began to go south three months ago, when Bobbit sued the couple, claiming they were keeping the GoFundMe money from him. D'Amico and McClure charged that Bobbit was on drugs and said they wouldn't give him the money until he was clean. A lawyer for the couple said in September that he expected they'd be indicted, but it hadn't been known until now that all three of them were allegedly involved together in the scam.

The lawyer for a homeless man in Philadelphia whose selflessness led to donations of over $400,000 through an online fundraising page reportedly said the couple who set up the fund spent the money on amassing a shoe collection and pricey vacations. Johnny Bobbitt’s attorney told The New York Post that the couple started to spend the money right after depositing it into their bank account.

… Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico are the couple accused in a lawsuit brought by Bobbitt of mismanaging donations raised for him through GoFundMe. The couple deny the claims in the suit, saying they’re wary of giving Bobbitt large sums because they fear he will buy drugs. The attorney said that a forensic accountant will sift through the account and verify the allegations. GoFundMe is working with law enforcement.

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She ran out of gas on the interstate and a homeless man gave his last $20 - Thumbnail Image

She ran out of gas on the interstate and a homeless man gave his last $20

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