Woman shamed for ordering a burger without cheese!

 An Alabama woman claims she was shamed by a local fast-food restaurant when she tried to order a burger without cheese. Jess, a regular at Henry’s Burgers and Cream (in Brookwood, Alabama) stopped by the local spot to pick up lunch for her co-workers, one of whom is lactose-intolerant. When she got back to the office with the food, she noticed the restaurant forgot to leave the cheese off her co-worker’s burger, so she called to have the order corrected. In a post on Facebook, Jess explained she drove back to Henry’s to get the correct order, this time without cheese. That’s when she noticed the alleged comment left on the bottom of her receipt: “No cheese on this dam burger crazy b—h ordered it.”

… The owner of the restaurant told a local TV that nothing like this has ever happened before and that the customer’s dairy allergy was not disclosed to the restaurant employees. Er, that doesn’t matter… she ordered a burger with no cheese and isn’t required to explain why.

… The owner also said she’s addressed the issue with the employee reportedly guilty of printing the remark and is in contact with Jess to resolve the situation.



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