Watch: Willow brings flowers to her neighbor every single morning.

Willow stunned her neighbors when she carried an attractive pink flower and supplied it as a present throughout one among her frequent visits. When Rosie from the UK settled into her new home, she noticed pink flowers regularly appearing on her terrace and she was surprised to find a kitty sleeping in the hallway like she owned the place. At first, she thought that these flowers are caused by wind blowing. Until one of her friends told her that had seen Willow with a flower in the mouth but she did not believe. One day when she was cooking and spotted Willow was jumping down with a pink flower in her mouth. She was so excited and went to film it right now. She said that Willow was so cute and she had never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before“Willow is our neighbour’s cat but she clearly likes us better because she steals flowers from her owner and leaves them on our deck” Rosie said



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