In late August, a YouTuber recording a fun little expedition out in Oregon ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere, helplessly watching his 2013 Jeep Wrangler turn into a huge fireball. He filmed the whole thing, and the resulting video is just bizarre. What makes the video so strange is just how dramatically the tone changes. It begins as just a guy in his 2013 Jeep Wrangler filming himself on some dirt roads in the eastern Oregon desert. He stops by his favorite western-style general store, cruises down a side road to check out an abandoned homestead, discusses the local obsidian rocks and how native Americans used to use them to make tools, and he even talks about how he’s been on a coconut milk kick lately. But then bad things happen.

… In the video titled “The Day My Jeep Rubicon Burns To The Ground,” Casey Kaiser was driving along when he ran into a dead end and had to open a gate. So he shut off his Jeep’s 3.6-liter V6 and hopped out. Then — seemingly out of nowhere, with allegedly no warning lights having indicated an issue — Kaiser noticed smoke coming from the hood. He popped the hood and found that flames appeared to be coming from between the motor and the firewall. So Kaiser sprung into action, grabbed his fire extinguisher and some water, and went to put out the blaze. But sadly, he had no luck; the fire continued burning, especially after making it through the firewall and into the interior.

… Kaiser then gave up on saving his Jeep, and instead focused on retrieving the survival gear inside of it. He popped open the rear door and took the important stuff out, only then to say perhaps one of the sadder quotes you’ve ever heard a Jeep owner say: “So, I’m probably just gonna camp here and watch it burn.”



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