Read this mom's plan for staying in your budget at Target

Whether you’re on a mission to pick up paper products, school supplies, groceries, or a fall wardrobe for your kiddo, chances are that you’ve walked into Target with delusions of having a focused, efficient, budget-friendly shopping trip. The reality likely ends up being the complete opposite.

… Late last week, blogger Amy Weatherly shared a tongue-in-cheek post about “staying inside your budget at Target,” and it’s pretty much perfect. Weatherly’s four steps to staying inside your budget: “1. Make a list of exactly what you need. 2. Go to Target. 3. Rip up the list. 4. Go home because it’s just not gonna happen. You know it. I know it. The people of Target are laughing at us all behind their backs because they know it.”

Here is her complete post:



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