Stephen Colbert and Emma Stone want you to adopt hurricane puppies

If there’s anything cuter than a puppy, it’s a puppy that has been endangered by a natural disaster. Emma Stone and Stephen Colbert know this and are totally willing to tug as hard as they can on your fragile heart strings (means, end, justification, etc.)

On Monday night, Colbert brought back the Late Show’s Rescue Dog segment to save the pups who’ve been stranded by Hurricane Florence. Stone was only too willing to do her part to tell  “lies designed to get you to adopt” the rescue dogs. Such as, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got his name from an adorable Shepherd mix named “The Dog” Johnson.

Plus, did you know that Olive has been consulting with Robert Mueller? “She’s ready to tell you some stuff that will blow your mind,” Colbert said. “What’s that, Olive? Donald Jr. did what in Moscow? Wow!”



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