Now that the Ford/Kavanaugh Hearings are done....

After watching the entire day, something I did not think I would do, here is my take, for what it's worth:

Yes the day was a disgrace...and no one, Democrat or Republican, escapes unscathed.

That said...

I believe that Dr. Ford is telling the truth, if for no ther reason than knowing that six years ago she confided the episode in her therapist to help her deal with it. I also believe she had more to lose than to gain by testifying.

I am still troubled by allegations of drinking to excess when Kavanaugh was in high school. No one during the hearing asked him to explain that cryptic message "FFFFFFJuly4" on his year book page. He admitted he may have had more beers than he should and there was no one there under oath to say that was not the Brett Kavanaugh they knew. While we don't know assuredly if he assaaulted Dr. Ford, I am not convinced that he did/could not have binged to excess leaving him in a condition where something like this could have happened. Ms. Mitchell was asking him about his drinking. Until she was "fired" and questioning continued by the senators themselves. 

Will this keep him from becoming the next Supreme Court Justice?

No. His base will support him. 

Time will tell.

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