Talk about inspiration: a paralyzed man walks a half marathon

Adam Gorlitsky is paralyzed from the waist down — but that didn’t stop him from participating in the Portland half marathon in Oregon. The 19-year-old hurt his spine in a car accident and lost his ability to walk at all. He’s spent ten years of his life paralyzed, but three years ago he was introduced to a ReWalk robotic exoskeleton. He said it’s like the lower half of a Terminator suit. Gorlitsky used the battery-powered exo-skeleton to walk the the 13.1 mile race.

… He got a head start on the route Saturday night, once when he finished Sunday he became the first paralyzed man in the United States to complete a half marathon.

… Adam’s on a mission to take a million steps in races across the country. Including the Portland half, he’s completed about 200,000.



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